Anika Karabas

Main Vocal
Who is Anika?

Which name your parents gave you?

Do you have a nickname?
Mhh, I think Anni is the most common one. But in earlier days my grandmother always called me Pumuckel, because I was a redhead when I was born. These days my mother loves to bother me by calling me “Annelle” :-).

When is your birthday?
The 16.10.1987 was the day of my first cry. It was already so loud and elegant that everyone knew “this little girl will become a singer”.

Where you were born?I
was born in the “word city” Werdau.

What is your zodiac?
I am libra, but I have to admit that I am not really as balanced as a typical one.

Describe your character in three words:
Ambitious, sophisticated, honest

What can you tell about your musical development?

What can you tell about your musical development?
As I was 14 years old my former music teacher advised me that there is more in me than just singing in the school choir. From 2008-2011 I sang in the band “Great Jokers”, a party cover band from Plauen. And now I am here.

How did you get to Hella Donna? And when?
I had my first contact to Hella Donna in 2008 when I jumped in for Cindy - the front woman at that time. I really had fun but at that time the musical direction of the band was nothing I felt comfortable with. In 2011 Sven then asked me if I would like to restart with Hella Donna in a totally new direction. This was an offer I could not reject and now I am here where I belong :-).

What is you function in the band?

What is you function in the band?
I am the front vocalist. And of course I am looking for my boys to ensure they don`t do any nonsense :-).

What instruments are you playing or what exactly are you doing on stage?
The only instruments I can command are my vocal chords. Sometimes I take a guitar or jingle on the keyboards, but I wouldn`t call that playing.

What are you doing besides making music?

What are you doing besides making music?
I`m doing an education to become a child care worker. You see I have ways and means to keep my boys in check :-).

Do you have any idols?
I think I never had, and also do not have any direct idols. But I have to admit that I really adore Lady Gaga.

What are you doing when you are not busy with working or making music?
Puuh, there is not so much time left, you know. But if there is really a free weekend I of course try to spend as much time with my family as possible.

Welcome to “What`s your favorite?”. What is your favorite…
…film? I really like horror and scary movies like “Das Waisenhaus” or “Hide and Seek”.
…book? I am not a big reader…so many letters, they are confusing me :-)
…band/artist? Lady Gaga, Johnny Cash, Frank Sinatra, Adam Lambert
…drink? Coffee, coffee and of course coffee…and water.
…food? There is a problem with food…I think if I would list everything I like to eat, there is no more space for the others…I am not very choosey. I just don`t like Flegge.

What was your dream job when you were a child?
I wanted to become a veterinarian. When I was six years old I started to ride – unfortunately nowadays I don`t have time for that – and I wished to be able to heal these animals.

Can you remember your first CD/record?
I think it was something from the Backstreet Boys.

What was your first live concert?
I never was a fan of letting oneself get squashed in front of a stage by ten-thousands of people. I always wanted to be on stage and this is where I now have my place :-). 

What was the name of your first band and what kind of music did you play?
“Great Jokers” from Plauen, a party-coverband.

If you would beach on a solitary island what are the three things you could not live without?
A ball, with it I can build my own “Freitag” to have someone to talk to :-). A guitar, because on a solitary island I finally would have the time to practice. And my make-up case, if someone comes to my rescue  then I want to be rouged :-).

What on earth do you love most?

What on earth do you love most?
My family, without them I would not be where I am now. And music of course.

What do you hate?
Arrogance, schemes, hypocrisy, lies and big talking bunglers