Christian - Drums

Who is Christian?

Which name your parents gave you?

Do you have a nickname?
Baerwel (it`s almost my real name)

When is your birthday?
Some day in april or may.

Where you were born?

What is your zodiac?
Taurus or el torro

What can you tell about your musical development?

What can you tell about your musical development?
When I was 15 years old I tried learning guitar but I was bad on it. Shortly afterwards I discovered the drums and after all these years I`m still fascinated by this instrument and music in general. I played in some young bands (which were more or less successfull), after that I became the drummer of Rocksack and lived a rocker life with lots of beer, sex, drugs and rock n roll. Then I studied at the Drummers Focus in Munich where I`m still learning. And now I`m with Hella Donna and I`m looking forward to the things that will come…

How did you get to Hella Donna? And when?
By Renè, a short session, a short talk and all of a sudden I was in.

What are you doing besides making music?

What are you doing besides making music?
I`m giving drum lessons at my own drum school and the music school in Gera.

Do you have any idols?
Of course! But there are too much to list them all.

What are you doing when you are not busy with working or making music?
The little time that`s left, I`m spending with my family and my friends. And of course sometimes I like to drink one(?) beer.

Welcome to “What`s your favorite?”. What is your favorite…
…film? On the top: „blow“ and „the big lebowski“
…book? I really don`t know. I definitely read too less.
…band/artist? rhc peppers, audioslave, dave matthews band and everything that grooves.
…drink? Beer, juice, water…sometimes in alternate order ;)
…food? Everything that`s spicy and with meat.

What was your dream job when you were a child?
Astronaut (unfortunately I`m getting nauseous when things start to spin).

Can you remember your first CD/record?
That definitely was “Pitti Platsch”, afterwards there were many fairy-tail records and later the music, but I don`t remember what exactly (I`m already so old).

What was your first live concert?
I think it was more a festival, many bands and lots of beer.

What was the name of your first band and what kind of music did you play?
It was „defences down“ and we only performed our own songs, because we couldn`t play anything else.

What on earth do you love most?

What on earth do you love most?
Certainly my family, of course my friends and kind people in general.

What do you hate?
I hate (bad word)…I don`t like:
- grumbler and grouser
- dishonest and double-faced people