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07.05.2014 11:14 by Hella Donna

The glamorous world of Hollywood : stars, starlets and award ceremonies. An exhilarating experience that carries a harsh competitive market behind its shimmering facade. For her new single "Gimme - Lights, Camera, Action" , the band from Plauen (Germany) Hella Donna has brought strong support on board with the U.S. indie rapper None like Joshua.

The result is an energetic song that examinates with a twinkle in his eye the dazzling world of show business and possesses all the preconditions for the next summer hit . Like its predecessors singles "Not The Cure" and "Pictures In The Box" comes "Gimme - Lights, Camera, Action" in several remix variations. In addition to the radio version there is a club mix of PITCHEDsenses who already grabbed Hella Donna's last Maxi in a club-grade garment. Producer Philip Larson (Grammy winner and remixer of Lady Gaga, Kylie Minogue, Katy Perry and many more) provides three interpretations: a radio edit, club mix and an instrumental dub mix.

Thus, the newest song by Hella Donna will also soon be a perennial favorite on all dance floors. Front woman Anika gets active amplification by the word acrobat None like Joshua on this single. The American came to prominence as a rapper and producer already with some releases on the internet. Particularly well known are his tracks, which he dedicates to popular video games like Zelda or Tetris.

In his music, he is breaking new ground and relies on beats from the EDM area such as Glitch-Hop, Trip-Hop or Neuro-Hop. "Gimme - Lights, Camera, Action" is a harbinger of the fourth studio album by the five musicians appearing at the June 27th 2014. The single will be released digital at May 23th 2014 and is distributed through Feiyr. After the success of the music video for "Not The Cure" there will be also a high-quality clip for the new single, that Celebrates his premiere on May 16th May.


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