The Bassman - Rene Voigt

Bassgitarre & Backing Vocals
Who are you, Rene Voigt?

Which name your parents gave you?
Renè, at least this is written in my identification.

Do you have a nickname?
When I was a child my friends changed my first and last names into any possible and impossible forms. I am glad that this time is over.

When is your birthday?
You should better ask on what a day you were born. It was not really a lucky one, in France Charles de Gaulles retired (does anyone know this guy anymore?), but the chronicles say that at that timepoint already 62% of the German wanted a united Europe.

Where you were born?
On 28.4.1969 in the word city Gera in Thuringia.

What is your zodiac?
I am an (a)typical Taurus.

Describe your character in three words:
creative, emotional, sensitive

What can you tell about your musical development?

What can you tell about your musical development?
With 5 years I played air guitar, with 10 years classic guitar, with 15 years bass guitar and then I knew: yes that`s it, bro!!!

How did you get to Hella Donna? And when?
After a guest performance in Frankfurt I got a call in the beginning of 2007. I was asked if I have time and desire to play something. I was all for it, had luck and they chose me.

What is you function in the band?

What is you function in the band?
I am the guy for the low tones and the worrywart.

What instruments are you playing or what exactly are you doing on stage?
I am playing bass guitar, in the acoustic set the second guitar and I try to get rid of the everyday dust.

What are you doing besides making music? - Hobbys?

What are you doing besides making music?
I am giving guitar lessons ;-).

Do you have any idols?
There are lots of them dead and/or alive, just have a look for bass solo on Youtube there you will find the guys.

What are you doing when you are not busy with working or making music?
I like to jog, write own songs and sometimes I also like to drink a beer.

Welcome to “What`s your favorite?”. What is your favorite…
…film? There are two which really impressed me: Butterfly Effect and Tattoo.
…book? It is too long ago to remember but it was something about Aborigines.
…band/artist? P!nk, Janis Joplin, Green Day, Aerosmith – I join Sven
…drink? Coconut juice and any other types of fruit juices.
…food? Everything which is made by mother nature – lots of fruits and vegetables.

What was your dream job when you were a child?
I don`t know anymore, when was this “then” at all? *scratch his head* When I was in 10th grade I wanted to repair TVs.

Can you remember your first CD/record?
The first ones were fairy-tale records, the first CD I bought was from Phil Collins.

What was your first live concert?
At the end of the 80`s I was on a Joe Cocker concert together with 80.000 people. It was not so much fun, you know. I wanted to look the guy straight into the eyes but I stood in the back and the picture on the screen was not synchronous with the music.

What was the name of your first band and what kind of music did you play?
My first band was “Bunte Knete” and we made funk.

If you would beach on a solitary island what are the three things you could not live without?
Of course a guitar, lots of food and drinks and a beautiful woman.

What on earth do you love most? What on earth do you love most?

What on earth do you love most?
Positive energy that other people give to me and which I can give back to them.

What do you hate?
stress, problem-thinking