Sven Hessel - Guitars

Gitarre & Backing Vocals
Who is Sven Hessel?

Which name your parents gave you?

Do you have a nickname?
No, unfortunately not…at least there is none of which I know

When is your birthday?
On the 25.02. many many years ago, meaning in 1964, I necessarily wanted to know what was going on at our planet…

Where you were born?
The aliens abandoned me somewhere in the Vogtland…

Where do you live now?
The metropolis Plauen in Vogtland, more exact Jössnitz, is the centre of my existence!

What is your zodiac?
(salt-water) pisces

Describe your character in three words:
impatient, ambitious, reliable

What can you tell about your musical development?

What can you tell about your musical development?
When I was 13 years old I got my first own guitar and from that moment I wanted to be on the world stages. I was playing in bands like RockVision, Dreieck-Rockband, Creme Fresh and current with Hella Donna, Great Jokers and PiratenMegaherz.

How did you get to Hella Donna? And when?
After 10 years away from stages but with other interesting things to do in the music business (marketing director, producer, label manager and others), in 2003 I just wanted to make music again. And so I founded Hella Donna.

What is you function in the band?

What is you function in the band?
As band dictator, ahm…band director and manager I have the reins in hand and if there is time, I can also play some guitar and compose and produce songs!

What instruments are you playing or what exactly are you doing on stage?
I am allowed to hang on my MusicMan guitar and rocking hell for leather…what a luxury!

What are you doing besides making music?

What are you doing besides making music?
Not too much…ok, I am maybe a marketing manager of an internet company and director of a music agency and acoustic company…and there are also one or two other “secret” things!

Do you have any idols?
Of course, who has none… Eddie van Halen and Steve Lukather are my heroes!

What are you doing when you are not busy with working or making music?
Regenerating, relaxing and I try to spend time with my wife as often as possible…and I am travelling to my second homes Norway and Denmark! (Note of the editorial: Is there not a ban which forbids you to enter Norway!?)

Welcome to “What`s your favorite?”. What is your favorite…
…film? There are a lot, but in the top 10 there are „ROCK STAR“, „K-PACK“ , „EINE LEICHE ZUM DESERT“, „ALIEN 1+2+4“ and STARTREK “THE FIRST CONTACT“.
…book? Everything which was written by Steven KING and Erich von Däniken.
…band/artist? Toto, P!NK, Vanessa Amarosi, Van Halen and many more…
…drink? Lots of water and sometime a gin tonic.
…food? Thai food, sea food, but I also like the solid cuisine of the Vogtland.

What was your dream job when you were a child?
I had the luck to get the job I always wanted…ok, maybe there are a few small compromises.

Can you remember your first CD/record?
Scorpions – Tokyo Tapes … an awesome live album.

What was your first live concert?
Oh dear, I was on so many concerts, I can`t remember exactly but it maybe was a show of the Ostrockband “PRINZIP”. And when I was 12 years old I was on a dance in Syrau. The band that played was The Ferrys but you can`t call that a concert.

What was the name of your first band and what kind of music did you play?
Rockvision… and we covered songs from Deep Purple, Stones and others.

If you would beach on a solitary island what are the three things you could not live without?
Mhh, I think the question asks for things…of course I could not live without my wife, but she is not a thing! Ok, then I choose my iPhone (many things on it work also without the internet)…but where I will get the power for it…so, I also need a bicycle and a generator to produce the power for my iPhone…

What on earth do you love most? What do you hate?

What on earth do you love most?
My wife, my son, parents, family and the fjords and mountains of Norway, the sea and many more…

What do you hate?
I think hate is a bad word, I don`t hate anything but there are some things I don`t like too much…like laziness, blithering idiots, people who only take advantage of others, selfish people…oh but I indeed hate one thing: “folk music made by Florian Silbereisen”.