Gimme Lights, Camera, Action


01.  Gimme - Lights, Camera, Action   
02.  X-Ray
03.  Sugar Coated Arrows
04.  Destroy
05.  Free Yourself
06.  I believe (Piano Version)
07.  Trouble I had
08.  Faceless in the Shadow
09.  Pictures in the Box
10.  Groove On - N.E.W Edition
11.  Brandnew Beat
12.  Faceless in the Shadow (Acoustic)

Produced by
Sven Hessel (KHB Music),
Marcel Sachsenröder (Tonatelier),
Markus Rieger (Mexxtone) and
Thomas Heimann-Trosien (Turnstyle)

Mastered & Mixed
Track 2 by Thomas Heimann-Trosien
Track 6 mixed by Lars Henrik Lincke, 
Track 9 & Track 11 mixed by Markus Rieger

DRUMS RECORDED at Groove Construction Studio Wallenfels 
by Mike Markus Müller & Christian Scherff

Track 6 & 12 recorded @ TAM Recording Studios

at Tonatelier Wuppertal by Marcel Sachsenröder und Renè Voigt

at KHB MUSIC STUDIO by Anika Karabas, Sven Hessel & Renè Voigt

ADD. KEYBOARDS RECORDED by Lars Henrik Lincke and Philip Larson

Track 1 written by Phil Ogden, Bryan Steele,
Josh Frohling
Track 2 written by Seth Jackson, Huba Keleman
Track 4 written by Philip Larson, Zoe Miles
Track 5 written by Anika Karabas, Rene Voigt,
Sven Hessel
Track 6 written by Anika Karabas, Rene Voigt
Track 7 written by Rene Voigt, Elke Gericke-Gefken
Track 3, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 written by Marcel Sachsenröder

All Songs published by Echo Musikverlag / Edition KHB Music

Kevin Hessel (KHB Mediagroup), Simone Hessel (KHB MUSIC) Marcel Sachsenröder (Tonatelier), Markus Rieger (Mexxtone), Philip Larson (Manhattan Clique), Elke Gericke Gefken, Eric onder de Linden (PITCHEDsenses), Josh Frohling (None like Joshua), Thomas Heimann Trosien (Turnstyle Mastering), Renè Fabrizius (Meisel Musik/ Monopol Records), Jörg Singer, Silke Pala-Grobert, Philipp Hirsch (M-Films), Hannes Behrendt, Alexander Tscholakov
(TAM Recordings), Markus Mike Müller (Groove Construction Studio), Marco Müller, Heidi Kremling and all other fans, friends and a special big thanks to our families.